As humans ,we live in a world of measurements.We are always comparing certain things in relation to things similar .when we are deciding where to get Italian food we look for the best Italian restaurant.When we are deciding which school to send our children to we look for the highest rated school in relation to others in the area.As humans ,we associate value in almost every aspect of our life.We can view this on the larger scale when looking at large groups of people living in similar areas, with similar lifestyles and similar worldview ; otherwise known as cultures.In a world where nothing is guaranteed,I enjoy things that are certain .For instance.I know the sun will set this evening.I also know it will rise in the morning.the Cubs wont win the World Series this year ,and we most certainly are out of luck no matter who wins the presidential election come November .Another thing I can be certain of is that no matter where I travel in the world and no matter what culture I am exposed to .I will find a set of distinctive values shared among that group of people.The Italian culture is no exception from this rule and traditionally.

Everyday food done with respect to Italian culture ,absolute quality of ingredients,hospitality,and outstanding service is our formula,and life passion .We look forward to welcoming you to our home , San Marino Soho .Buon appetito.

Thank you

Sammy Gashiano                                         



San Marino Ristorante,   &  Antica Ristorante.
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